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Healing and spiritual speaker for health professionals Alx Uttermann

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Alx is an in-demand, engaging, and entertaining speaker & organizational trainer who inspires

Alx Uttermann, the creator of Energetics Of Self-Care, is an in-demand, engaging, and entertaining speaker who inspires healthcare professionals, healers, and anyone in the helping/service professions (including performing arts) to access simple, practical tools for extreme self-care. She helps those experiencing stress head off overwhelm, burnout, and PTSD before these conditions can get a toe-hold in the human system (and wreak untold havoc).

Delivering practical tools for effective wellness & stress management

Whether she’s talking to healthcare organizations, healers, integrative medicine practitioners, or wellness gatherings, via online interviews or other media, Alx connects strongly with individuals who want effective, rapid relief from the debilitating effects of stress. This global self-care trainer gets to the heart of what it takes for anyone in this world to experience profound stress relief, and to walk in wellness — even while working in high-stress environments.

Most Requested Speaking TOPICS

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SPAN Statewide Peer Assistance for Nurses - support, advocacy, education
Amity Foundation
Five Branches University Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance

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To schedule online interviews or other media, please email Alx at energeticsofselfcare@gmail.com


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