RAPID STRESS RELIEF – Self-Care Wellness Tools

Gift yourself and/or your loved ones; balance, ease, and clarity through dissolving stress and strain efficiently

“This is a superb teaching. Therapists, bodyworkers, and health professionals of all kinds… I hope you can make it and start benefiting like I have from the tools.”

Review from Linda Kimball Grace, Massage Therapist


Energetic self-care tools deliver instant, enhanced wellness with a minimum of effort

Available to everyone in need of stress management

Energetic self-care tools deliver instant, enhanced wellness with a minimum of effort — so you can keep giving your very best, every day, and not be dragged down by daily accumulating stressors.

Although our immediate focus is on the well-being of healthcare workers during this pandemic, these simple, powerful tools are appropriate for anyone and everyone wanting to reduce stress and increase well-being efficiently.


How Are These Tools Different from Other Stress Management Techniques?

These holistic self-care techniques are the most effective & the least time-consuming:

– Both systems are so simple they can be used WHILE YOU WORK — no need to wait to dissolve the stress later
– Faster than any conventional self-care methods (practices like walking, bathing, yoga, working out, breathing exercises)
– The ultimate self-care tools available: cut straight to the underlying stress energy (as soon as you notice it!) and offload it back to nature
– Takes between 10 – 45 minutes to clear your system from a whole day’s stress (can be used during commute)
– Proven techniques from ancient India that have been used for centuries address our modern stress load
– Long-lasting, cumulative results if used every day
– Learn each toolset in one day, use them immediately — and use them for life

A day to learn, a lifetime of benefit: Streamlined training in bite-sized pieces
You can learn the teachings, and put these toolsets into use, the same day you receive them.


Decharging Stress & Strain

You can learn these teachings (Decharging tools) in 6 short training sessions — averaging 20 minutes each. (The first session is free!) After completing part 3, you can already dissolve stress — before it can make a home in your system — while learning the rest of the toolset.

Decharging Stress & Strain: Energy tools using nature’s elements, requiring no special location. You can dissolve your stress while at work, or while coming home from work, to clear your system efficiently from the day.

Integrative Meditation

You can learn the Integrative Meditation technique through teachings in 3 short training sessions. (The first session is free!) Once you’ve completed this short training series, you can meditate WHILE you work —strengthening your inner core, creating more clarity, calm, resilience and energetic support, even in challenging sittuations.

Integrative Meditation: Works best when used in conjunction with the Decharging Stress & Strain tools. Together, they provide the most efficient, effective stress management & self-care available.

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