Decharging Stress & Strain


+ 5 videos to watch to complete your training
+ training manual (PDF)

DECHARGING STRESS AND STRAIN – dissolve stress/strain daily through simple, effective tools

In the way that a battery can hold both a positive and a negative charge, we want to keep the positive but offload, or ‘decharge’, the negative charges.

Although this principle applies to every human being, anyone involved in the medical/helping/service professions should know how to decharge effectively.

Without an effective means through which to decharge the stress and strain we pick up throughout a day, we have less protection (or resilience) against disease, injuries, life’s dramas, potential PTSD, and the build-up of burn-out.

This simple training involves learning:
• How to identify stress/overwhelm symptoms clearly
• Practical tools to dissolve stress both in the moment, and after the fact
• How to restore inner peace effectively, with minimal effort
• How to dissolve the daily traumas and not bring them home with you

Use along with the Decharging Support Kit containing a votive holder, candles and black stones in a gift bag.

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