REVIEWS from Health Care & Service Professionals

“Substantial and hastened improvements; physically, mentally, and emotionally…”

As a registered nurse of an inpatient psychiatric unit, decharging has not only become a necessary part of my daily life, but I have also shared it with coworkers. I am so grateful for this very simple technique so I can rid myself of the stress from my day. I highly recommend this as one of your daily self-care techniques.
Happy decharging!!

Suzie Scarpaci, RN-BC, BSN

The symptomatic responses reported by patients and those I’ve observed myself show substantial and hastened improvements; physically, mentally, and emotionally, unlike any that I have heard of or encountered through other techniques.

Dr. Michael Koplen, M.T., D.C., Q.M.E.

As a retired Board Certified psychiatrist, I am convinced that exploration of various approaches and techniques to medicine can be extremely rewarding.
Using the de-charging techniques has been extremely helpful… there is a greater calmness.
It is important to remember that this meditation and decharge technique can be used anywhere, any time. It does not require medication, another person or a special setting.
The meditation and decharge techniques are effective and a positive addition to my life.

Dr. Christopher DiMaio, M.D. Psychiatrist

The biggest heart I have ever met!

Lynne Sullivan, LMFCC

“This is a superb teaching. Therapists, bodyworkers, and health professionals of all kinds… I hope you can make it and start benefiting like I have from the tools.”

Linda Kimball Grace, Massage Therapist

“I am functioning again. I feel more like myself.
I feel hopeful and importantly, I have had some absolutely profound revelations today.”

Dr. Roberta Falke, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

“No matter what walk of life you come from,
Alx has information that is extremely beneficial to you, your soul, and the world.”

Amanda Perkins, Grade School Teacher & Artist

I have been working as an office manager and chiropractic assistant for a high-volume chiropractic office for almost 9 years.
Without my knowledge of Decharging and an Integrative Meditation practice, I would not be where I am right now. Especially in the days of COVID.

Before all of these tools, feeling emotionally overwhelmed had become a daily occurrence in my life. After sitting down with Alx and learning about energies and how the people that we come into contact affect us emotionally, then everything fell into place.

I never knew what an effect my job was having on my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

The same way you clear your cookies from your computer or do spring cleaning in your home, you need to clear the negative energies from your body.

Seeing almost 400 patients a week who are suffering, are in pain, or are afraid that they’ll need surgery, and I’m the one that’s there to help them. You make personal and emotional connections. These connections stay with you, and the same way the patients are hurting, you’ll be hurting. And this starts to affect you physically.

Having a headache or feeling drained was to be expected at the end of my day, but it doesn’t happen when I’m decharging.

I now use these tools every day!

I continued to work with Alx and she taught me about integrative meditation, and how powerful it is.
One day when I was driving, I noticed that I wasn’t clenching my jaw and my hands on the steering wheel and I was actually wanting to go on errands on my own because I didn’t feel anxious while driving any more. After two major car accidents, driving was very difficult for me. My partner had to do the majority of the driving and even while sitting in the passenger side I would still panic and end up with chest pain or a headache.

All of this stopped after I got into a habit of doing Integrative Meditation.

Most of the time I’m doing it at work, but when I go on long walks or sit while meditating, my meditation practice brings me a sense of relaxation and focus that had been inaccessible to me in years.

Alx is such an amazing spirit and a great teacher.
She’s opened up a new universe of well-being that has not only helped me feel more at ease, but it’s made me a better caregiver and a more compassionate human being.

Janet Garibay, Office Manager & Chiropractic Assistant

“Since practicing these techniques, I have been feeling a sense of peace within – in my heart, and a sort of gentleness pervading where I am in the office.”

Kamala M., Marketing Executive

“I enthusiastically recommend Alx Uttermann — she is highly skilled and knowledgeable in her instruction and compassionate, caring and trustworthy in her approach. The depth and capacity of her work brings huge benefit to those who study with her or seek healing.”

Sibongile West, Publicist and Communications Strategist

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