Dissolve daily traumas/overload rapidly


Two effective self-care tools


Practical, sustainable results

Two SIMPLE Self-Care Tools
Bring Rapid Stress Relief

Come back into balance, ease, and clarity through dissolving stress and strain efficiently

Energetic self-care tools deliver instant, enhanced wellness with a minimum of effort

Available to everyone in need of stress management

Energetic self-care tools deliver instant, enhanced wellness with a minimum of effort — so you can keep giving your very best, every day, and not be dragged down by daily accumulating stressors.

Although our immediate focus is on the well-being of healthcare workers during this pandemic, these simple, powerful tools are appropriate for anyone and everyone wanting to reduce stress and increase well-being efficiently.

Go at your own pace

Easy two-part approach:

– dissolve stress/strain daily through simple, effective tools

– on-the-job stress reduction: meditate while you work


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How Are These Tools Different from Other Stress Management Techniques?

These holistic self-care techniques are the most effective & the least time-consuming:

– Both systems are so simple they can be used WHILE YOU WORK — no need to wait to dissolve the stress later
– Faster than any conventional self-care methods (practices like walking, bathing, yoga, working out, breathing exercises)
– The ultimate self-care tools available: cut straight to the underlying stress energy (as soon as you notice it!) and offload it back to nature
– Takes between 10 – 45 minutes to clear your system from a whole day’s stress (can be used during commute)
– Proven techniques from ancient India that have been used for centuries address our modern stress load
– Long-lasting, cumulative results if used every day
– Learn each toolset in one day, use them immediately — and use them for life

health professional in scribs sitting on a hospital floor decompressing and resting

Immediate Benefits to HEALTH PROFESSIONALS

  • DISSOLVE daily traumas/overload rapidly – no ‘bringing it home’ after work
  • HEAD OFF overwhelm, PTSD, and/or burnout, before it happens
  • ENHANCE emotional/mental clarity, resilience, stamina
  • SLEEP more peacefully
  • DECREASE alcohol/substances coping
  • WORK from inner strength, a peaceful, centered place
  • SHOW UP to people in your life with more presence & emotional availability
  • GIVE better care to your patients/clients

Restore Balance &
Avoid Burnout RAPIDLY

We help you stay strong and capable, through simple self-care tools that have literally saved lives.

Simple tools to use while working

  • Simple, short, and sweet.
  • Easy to learn — two practical toolsets.
  • Maximum efficacy within a very short time.
  • No-stress learning to reduce stress!

Our immediate concern is for frontline workers, but everyone experiencing stress can benefit from these techniques.

Calming outstretched hand with a rose and black rock

REVIEWS from Health Care Professionals

“Substantial and hastened improvements; physically, mentally, and emotionally…”

As a registered nurse of an inpatient psychiatric unit, decharging has not only become a necessary part of my daily life, but I have also shared it with coworkers. I am so grateful for this very simple technique so I can rid myself of the stress from my day. I highly recommend this as one of your daily self-care techniques.
Happy decharging!!

Suzie Scarpaci, RN-BC, BSN

The symptomatic responses reported by patients and those I’ve observed myself show substantial and hastened improvements; physically, mentally, and emotionally, unlike any that I have heard of or encountered through other techniques.

Dr. Michael Koplen, M.T., D.C., Q.M.E.

As a retired Board Certified psychiatrist, I am convinced that exploration of various approaches and techniques to medicine
can be extremely rewarding.
Using the de-charging techniques has been extremely helpful… there is a greater calmness.

It is important to remember that this meditation and decharge technique can be used anywhere, any time. It does not require medication, another person or a special setting. The meditation and decharge techniques are effective and a positive addition to my life.

Dr. Christopher DiMaio, M.D. Psychiatrist

The biggest heart I have ever met!

Lynne Sullivan, LMFCC

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