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First responders, healthcare workers, parents, s and employee tools to avoid stress and burnout

Instant Stress RELIEF

Two SIMPLE self-care tools dissolve stress and strain efficiently to get your life back into balance, ease, and clarity

Who are you?

Who are You? Are you a highly stressed individual in a high stress job?
(Nurse, PT, Psychotherapist, Physician, EMS, Hospice, Caregiver)
(Retail, Food, Hospitality, In-flight, Customer Service)
(Counseling, Bodywork, Psychic, Holistic Healing)
(HR, Project Manager, Management)
(Includes Lecturer/Presenters)
(Actor, Musician, Dancer, Singer, Stage/Film & TV)
(Working Parent, Homeschooling, Single Parent)

…looking to get rapid stress relief, avoid burnout & PTSD

Who am I?

Stress Relief Facilitator Get Your Life Back

…from stress, overwhelm, burnout, & PTSD — through simple, radical self-care trainings


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Get Your Life Back Through Rapid Relief

Since I come from a family of healthcare professionals, I’m especially concerned with our frontline healthcare workers through the COVID19 pandemic, but I am sharing these energetic, radical self-care tools for EVERYONE under stress to use — because these simple techniques deliver palpable results, and sustainable relief, rapidly.
If you are calm, balanced, and walking in your own wellness, you can be of maximum help to your patients, clients, students, customers, and families. (It’s like putting your own oxygen mask on first, in case of an airplane cabin pressure change, and THEN helping the others around you. If you can’t breathe easily, they can’t, either.)

You can use these simple, practical tools throughout your work day (and after), to stay in balance and maximum efficiency, without losing precious time to achieve and maintain your inner core.

A Real-Life Success Story

A busy Internal Medicine physician friend of mine was struggling every day for years, coming home from his clinic utterly exhausted and, as he said, “Feeling like I’d been run over by a truck.” He would sit in front of the TV for a few hours, seeing nothing, trying to decompress through the self-medication of marijuana…and wasn’t present for his wife and kids, at all.

This numbed-out, exhausted fog was what he’d been prepared for in medical school, so he thought this was just the doctor’s life, normal, no big deal. He had no way to recognize that these were actually symptoms that his own system was overloaded, and needed efficient energy tools to dissolve that overload.

Once he learned these energetic techniques, and was able to decharge the day’s stress on the way home from work, he was astounded at how clear, present, calm, alert, and energized he felt by the time he got home. The numb, exhausted fog of stress would lift, every single time — and he had renewed energy, clarity, centeredness; present for his kids, and the rest of his life, after work. The difference was night and day.

My Vision: Short, Sweet, Stress-free Trainings

My vision is to share these radical self-care tools with everyone who’s stressed, in a way that doesn’t add more stress to your day — ie, ‘oh my god, I have something ELSE I need to schedule or think about.”

So the trainings are short, and sweet, and you can learn them in a day — and then use them to stay unstressed, centered, and avoid building up to burnout, for the rest of your life.

As you get your inner center back rapidly, your wellness & calm automatically ripples out to the people around you.

Happy nurses taking a break and socializing with each other on the job


  • DISSOLVE daily traumas/overload rapidly – no ‘bringing it home’ after work
  • HEAD OFF overwhelm, PTSD, and/or burnout, before it happens
  • ENHANCE emotional/mental clarity, resilience, stamina
  • SLEEP more peacefully
  • DECREASE alcohol/substances coping
  • WORK from inner strength, a peaceful, centered place
  • SHOW UP to people in your life with more presence & emotional availability
  • GIVE better care to your patients/clients

REVIEWS from Health Care & Service Professionals

“Substantial and hastened improvements; physically, mentally, and emotionally…”

“As a registered nurse of an inpatient psychiatric unit, decharging has not only become a necessary part of my daily life, but I have also shared it with coworkers. I am so grateful for this very simple technique so I can rid myself of the stress from my day. I highly recommend this as one of your daily self-care techniques.
Happy decharging!!”

Suzie Scarpaci, RN-BC, BSN

“The symptomatic responses reported by patients and those I’ve observed myself show substantial and hastened improvements; physically, mentally, and emotionally, unlike any that I have heard of or encountered through other techniques.”

Dr. Michael Koplen, M.T., D.C., Q.M.E.

“Since practicing these techniques, I have been feeling a sense of peace within – in my heart, and a sort of gentleness pervading where I am in the office.”

Kamala M., Marketing Executive

“Before all of these tools, feeling emotionally overwhelmed had become a daily occurrence in my life. I never knew what an effect my job was having on my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
(This system) has not only helped me feel more at ease, but it’s made me a better caregiver and a more compassionate human being.
I now use these tools every day! ”

Janet Garibay, Chiropractice Office Manager

“I am functioning again. I feel more like myself.
I feel hopeful and importantly, I have had some absolutely profound revelations today.”

Dr. Roberta Falke, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

“As a retired Board Certified psychiatrist, I am convinced that exploration of various approaches and techniques to medicine can be extremely rewarding. Using the de-charging techniques has been extremely helpful… there is a greater calmness.

It is important to remember that this meditation and decharge technique can be used anywhere, any time. It does not require medication, another person or a special setting. The meditation and decharge techniques are effective and a positive addition to my life.”

Dr. Christopher DiMaio, M.D. Psychiatrist

“I enthusiastically recommend Alx Uttermann — she is highly skilled and knowledgeable in her instruction and compassionate, caring and trustworthy in her approach. The depth and capacity of her work brings huge benefit to those who study with her or seek healing.”

Sibongile West, Publicist and Communications Strategist

“The biggest heart I have ever met!”

Lynne Sullivan, LMFCC

“This is a superb teaching. Therapists, bodyworkers, and health professionals of all kinds… I hope you can make it and start benefiting like I have from the tools.”

Linda Kimball Grace, Massage Therapist

“No matter what walk of life you come from,
Alx has information that is extremely beneficial to you, your soul, and the world.”

Amanda Perkins, Grade School Teacher & Artist

Restore Balance &
Avoid Burnout RAPIDLY

We help you stay strong and capable, through simple self-care tools that have literally saved lives.

Simple tools to use while working

  • Simple, short, and sweet.
  • Easy to learn — two practical toolsets.
  • Maximum efficacy within a very short time.
  • No-stress learning to reduce stress!

Easy two-part approach:

– dissolve stress/strain daily through simple, effective tools

– on-the-job stress reduction: meditate while you work

Go at your own pace

Calming outstretched hand with a rose and black rock
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